F* u CK

I am not having the best pre-holiday 24 hours. This drink on the other hand is pretty awesome. If your last 24 hours have been as annoying as mine, try this; at least one thing in your day will be awesome.

2-3 cups of raw milk
two table spoons of raw cocoa powder
half a tea spoon of cinnamon powder 
a pinch of cardamom powder
a pinch of sea salt
a pinch of chilly powder
table spoon of honey 

Blend everything and drink! With a powerful blender like Vitamix you can heat the drink up in the blender, but this spicy chocolate drink is delicious both hot and cold. You can make the drink super strong, or a little less strong. I like mine sweet and spicy.

So about that less-than perfect day that I’m having. It’s to do with builders who are supposed to show up to build things in your home, and then don’t. It’s about cranky people at the bank when you call to ask for advice. It’s to do with packing. And laundry and Murphy’s law that seems to really be making a statement today.

But most of all- and this is annoying because it’s true- it’s about the bitch-face vibes I am radiating, attracting all sorts of things to get annoyed by. Why? Because I’m nervous and excited and haven’t slept properly in two days.

So to brake from this vicious cycle of bad mood, I have to calm the fuck down.
(It’s really fun to write fuck, when you are on a bad mood.)
So I’m just gonna sit here, read my Cereal and drink my drink. And listen to this weird soundtrack that makes this kind of a bold statement:

“According To Scientists, This Is The Most Relaxing Tune Ever Recorded”

Yeah right.
(This is what you find when you Google “Relaxing music to help you not want to murder everyone you talk to”)


Ps. Have you guys ever noticed how irritating hair that tickles your face can be when you are on a bad mood? Like it feels like, hair tickling your face is the worst thing that can happen to a person. THE WORST. I’m noticing it right now. And then again, on a sunny day, by the sea, hair that tickles your cheeks, seems like the blissful essence of summer.

Such is life.

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“I want to thank my friend Hanna and I want to thank Jesus. Tuukka, I love you, you are my light, my joy and my inspiration.”

That is the thank you- speech I didn’t give this Friday, but now realise I should have given. I realised it, as my friend Hanna told me so. We’ve been watching and discussing the Oscars religiously for the past ten years, so we know the recipe for a perfect Oscar speech.

1. Thank Jesus.
(Jesus sounds better, than just plain God. It’s more personal. It shows you guys are on first name basis.)

2. Thank your mom. You can also add a touching story about your mum having passed away, her having taught you everything you know, or just supporting you through think and thin.
(My mom’s name is also Hanna, so this would have been appropriate on so many levels)

3. Thank your spouse.

So I guess, since there is a slim change (Please note: slim. Which means, there is a change. It’s just not a fat one) I’ll ever get to thank people at the Oscars I should have taken my chances last friday at The Aussie Blog Awards.

Thank you Jesus, mom and all the Hannas I know and Tuukka! But mostly thank you Aussie Judges! It was all lovely, and we are happy x

We are leaving to Japan on Tuesday on our second honeymoon. We took a small trip to Southern France last summer after the wedding, and now we are going on a two week trip, because Japan has been a dream for awhile. I’m beyond excited and also praying that some of the Cherry Blossom trees are still blooming once we get there. Fingers crossed!

Our friends, who’ve already been to Japan made this little Japan guide for us and it is the most precious gift ever. Hand illustrated and filled with Tokyo and Kyoto tips. Some of the pages are left plank for our own discoveries, which I think is a totally brilliant idea.

I’ve started packing and among the essentials, in addition to the little Japan guide are comfy shoes, camera (obvs!!) and these beauty products.

The Absolution series is from Jolie and both the husband and I use them. Eight hour cream is essential for airplane travel, as the air gets pretty dry on an nine hour flight. And this weird cream called Uriage (haha) is perfect to use under foundation, if you are like me and like a kind of a sweaty-greasy, glow on your face.
I made that sound weird and disgusting.
“Hello, I like this cream, named after pee- it makes your face look sweaty”. 

This is why I am never going to be nominated for a beauty blog. Oscar on the other hand- it could happen.


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In January I declared the summer of 2014 to be the summer of cropped top. It has caused literally all my friends to rise eyebrows. Some have gasped in horror.

I don’t care. I am almost certain this will be my only change in life to celebrate a crop top. In the name of Spice Girls and Chloë Sevigny. This. Is. Happening.

One of my friends, who I think was especially puzzled by the project, wanted to know whether I would be bothered by the rolls of skin that would inevitably occur when I would sit down. I am not. My stomach would rip open and all my guts would come spilling out, when I stand up, if I didn’t have that skin, so thank god for that.

It’s a different story whether you think the crop top is cute. You might hate it. I happen to think they are cute and fun, and like I mentioned, they remind me of the the era of Spice Girls, and even though it was an era of many peculiar fashion statements, there is no better statement than the one of Girl Power. In the name of that, watch Mindy talk about the crop top, working out and people’s silly ideas of the female form, here.


By the way the skirt in this picture is too small for me and the button in the back is undone. And this is my only crop top so far. So basically I don’t have all the pieces of this cropped puzzle together yet, but whatever. Details, details.


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Easter is one of my favourite holidays and in my family it usually means a long weekend at the country side, late breakfast and a mother that goes all out on making sure the breakfast table looks like a celebration of spring.

I’m away on travels this Easter but these spring flowers make it feel like it’s right around the corner. Also we are spending the weekend at the country house this weekend, to make up for Easter-times.


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HE SAID & SHE SAID – it makes yo’ mouth sparkly n’ clean

Tried oil pulling. This comes to mind.


Oil pulling = Loved by bloggers and other folk everywhere right now. A traditional folk remedy where oil is swished or held in the mouth. Ayurvedic literature states oil pulling is capable of improving oral and systemic health, including a benefit in conditions such as headaches, migraines, asthma etc. Is also said to whiten the teeth if done regularly. 



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I’ve reached a certain point in my life: I love cleaning. Perhaps more accurately put: I love a clean home way more than I dislike cleaning. As a side effect, I’ve come to love special cleaning products.

These beautiful ones I’ve just found are (a little ironically) made by the visually impaired.

The Annan Silmä products are made by hand, in Finland, by using traditional artisan techniques. By blind people. Which is crazy because people with good vision have chosen to make some really goddamn ugly cleaning brushes and sweeps, and here we have these charming little things, that are almost too good to be put to use. I got mine from Tikau.

The small brushes are for sweeping tables and working spaces in the kitchen, the small bottle cleaner is for my tea pot, and the tassel looking thingy is for dish washing.

Also, I’ve been looking for a plant hanger for our kitchen and fell in love with this after going through the Annan Silmä product list.

Soooo cuuuute!


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- Go for a run; it’s really sunny outside and I need to be running outside.

- Research a book project

- Write a new introduction bit on the side of this blog; something to tell people what’s going on here and by who.
(If anyone has suggestions, that would be great. I’ve avoided the tasks for a long time. “Musla is about inspiration and good vibes, by Kirsikka Simberg” was indeed the very best I could do.)

- Ask you guys to vote for Musla in the Aussie Blog Awards- thingy that we are honoured to be part of, but I’m not going to lie- I feel weird about urging people to vote.
I mean, people will vote if they feel like it and if they won’t that’s fine.
Then again, I don’t really want to seem arrogant. I’m not sitting on my high horse over here, feeling all good about my self and refusing to take part, I just feel weird about telling people to go vote. I’m also not that competitive, so I mean it when I say, I’m already happy because someone nominated us. So… You can vote here, if you feel like it. If you only have a teeny mini amount of time, I do suggest you sign a petition for The Arctic wildlife instead. Do that here. (It takes two seconds and polar bears are magical white bear savages, that need saving)

(Right, I’m sorry I totally made such a weird deal about this now- social awkwardness is to blame. But, if you are still reading it means we are Internet- friends, which basically makes us really close  (krhm) and honesty is _really_ important)


Rambling on about shit and filling my fridge with ice tea. Different flavours. Basically all flavours of tea I have.  Why? Because I love ice tea and I want to figure out which flavour I love the most. (And this seems to be a great way to procrastinate.)

This drink is cheap, easy to make, good for you and sugar free. One of my favourite flavour is green jasmine tea, but I like honey chaga, and red herbal teas as well. The sweet flavoured ones are excellent with spicy foods, like spicy mango salad or other Thai foods. The green ones are super fresh at all times, but especially in the morning. I make mine in a porcelain tea pot by filling it with fresh cold water, adding a table spoon of tea leaves and placing the pot in the fridge.

The tea will diffuse in the water and be ready in a few hours. I usually fill the pot in the evening, so it’s fresh and cold in the morning.




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I’m living on smoothies out of sheer laziness. All other forms of food require way too much effort for my current mood. In the process I’ve discovered new flavour combinations. Like using this honey-ginger juice with anything. And adding cardamom with lingonberries. It’s sensational.

Also on the list: dry brushing and sea salting. Sea salt makes hair stiff and curly, purifies skin (bath time!) and mixed with coconut oil, makes skin smooooooth. And dry brush is the one and only thing in the world that I think will actually fight cellulite. In addition to basic healthy nutrition and sports obviously.

So brush yo’ self.

Also I have a gift for you. Cheesy voice: “The gift of music.”
Here. Listen to this playlist and your days of rummaging through Spotify in despondency will be over.  I listened to this song in the morning and it was sunny and blissful.


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THE GARDEN AND THE SEA – go see, go do

The winter garden green house – HELSINKI

She brought the tea and the almond yoghurt, I just showed up.

The air smelled like tropic, but it’s not too hot or humid. We had the tea and ate our yogurt, looked at plants, looked at old people looking at plants, listened on other people’s conversations about vegetation. I admired the fact that some folks had their sketching equipment with them and they were drawing.

People drawing in public places seem interesting. The green house is also a great place to organise an Instagram photo shoot. People with cool pictures in Instagram, seem interesting as well.

Tove Jansson was born one hundred years ago. Fragments of her life and work are on display at Ateneum right now.

From paintings to sculptures, political sketches and drawings, the body of work on display in Ateneum right now is extensive and been put together in a way that is not exhausting. If you live in Helsinki, it’s fun to see her paintings of the familiar areas and see how they’ve changed. The little inscription drawings and writing on books Tove gave her partner Tuulikki Pietilä were adorable, perhaps my favourite part of the entire exhibition.

I didn’t take a picture of them, go see.

These photographs of her in the sea, the corner of this painting, where the girl is twirling upside down in the sea and Moomins on stilts I did secretly photograph. I wanted a piece of that whole vibe with me.

A small manifestation of adventure and love.


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We chose an aqua coloured linen mix to brighten up the room.

I wish I had a ‘before’ picture, this chair was quite the sight for sore eyes. Green and rugged. Old and worn out. Suspicious looking old thing.
But fixing shit is the new black, folks! Lately I’ve repaired two chairs; this and another one I’ll show you guys later, some clothes, a watch and old fur vests, that used to be fur coats, before I butchered them with kitchen scissors, ehrm.

I don’t know where this chair is from and who made or designed it, but with the new upholstery, it looks all modern and sleek and ready to take on some red wine spillage.

The job was done efficiently and with great attention to detail by two people who very clearly love their jobs. I’m not getting paid to say this and I paid full and very reasonable price for the job. I’m telling you this because if you need old furniture fixed, there’s a lot of variety on prices between different places. And I imagine in quality of the job as well.
I promise- if you visit this place, Verhoomo Laiskanlinna, you will love it just as much as I did. The man and wife working there are adorable and the place has a really cool artisan vibe.

Now, listen to this power song all weekend and imagine that your life is a romantic comedy where you just decided to start working out vigorously to win a sport competition as a total under dog, or you decided to start studying to get into a law school, even though you are kind of a dumb blonde. Or you are generally taking on a mission impossible -task as a total winner.

Volume: up!


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