I follow a bunch of random people on Instagram (like Ludacris’s wife/girlfriend) and some of them because they photograph things they have made. (Ludacris’s wife isn’t one of them. She mainly shows off her curves and husband/boyfriend)
Eija is one of them. She is a class mate of my friend’s and had pictures of her illustrations on Instagram. I had never met her but asked her if she wanted to do a small project with us. After she had agreed, even though I said there wasn’t going to be any money involved I saw what her Instagram profile said.

“Never for money, always for beer”

I was like, yaaaay, we will be friends.

So this is what we did! A calendar for 2013. Eija made 12 illustrations for us and one of them is the little crab that I first saw on Instagram. And loved. We wanted to do something that would inspire people and wouldn’t really cost them anything. It’s kind of a gift. You can download the pages from the link attached and print the 12 pages from you home printer.

We did 3 sizes our selves; A3, A4 and A5 and used uncoated off white paper. I attached mine together with clips that you can get from pretty much any office supplies store, and this way they are easy to hang on the wall as well.

Making the calendar was really fun and honestly I think it looks super cute! Eija did such a lovely job and on top of it all, she is a seriously sweet girl. (You can Instaspy her on: ezebel and go sneak peak Eija’s Tumblr account here. See the LP covers she has made? I want to commission her to make new covers for all my books)

So there you go. I will give some as gifts, keep one for my self and perhaps you can as well. Next time you are running (late) to a party and need something to take as a gift you can just print this out and tie a ribbon on it 😉

(You can even say you made it, we won’t mind)

Here are all the pictures. Some of the illustrations make more sense for the Finns, in relation to the months. Like February has pearls in it as February in Finnish is Helmikuu, which translates to Pearl month. (There is no obvious explanation as to why)

Also May: The first of May is quite a big festival over here and is strongly associated with boose balloons.

Here is the link for the PDF file: http://www.musla.fi/calendar_2013.pdf

Enjoy the last days of 2012 and get ready for the new year!

-K,T and E



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16 thoughts on “2013 ON THE WALL

  1. Awesome, just beautiful! I love the idea of letting people print it. (And hate the fact that our printer still does not co-operate. I do hope next year throws an IT-wizzard our way.)

  2. Very clever idea girls……will be sharing this one around. Love the idea of “making it yourself” and it doesn’t require….I’ll be hanging this on my kitchen wall. Thanks :)

  3. Nice calendar, thanks.
    However, I’d like to point out that there is an almost-obvious explanation for the name “Helmikuu” (February). It comes from the ice-pearls formed to the bottom of icicles. They usually appear earliest at February because the sunlight (in the southern Finland) is (finally) able to melt some snow during below-zero-temperatures.

    • Thank you! And, yes you are right! I just feel like the obviousness of that is kind of debatable? 😀
      I like it though:)

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  5. How funny just today in the morning I was telling my husband we need a calendar and I went to Jasmine Stars website and I clicked on your page and I see FREE CALENDAR!! yay!! Thank You Iove it!

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    • hi lilaliene!
      im glad to hear you like it!! and yes, we are thinking about making another one for next year. we are contemplating whether to make it our selves or collaborate with someone again :)

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