We just had a discussion about this post, and whether it would be a more harmonic ensemble with only the top four pictures. Or three. Less is more they say and sometimes the more you look at images, the more you crave for empty spaces and calm surface to rest your eyes on.

As you can see we opted for more is more.

The forest just gives you so much. And not just in terms of beautiful settings for photographs. It puts twigs in your hair, and breaths the kind of oxygen in your lungs that makes you really remember why just breathing,


always enough. 

We looked for mushrooms and found very few. We ate blueberries and talked about the kind of mushrooms that take you places, if you know what I mean. The magic ones.
My friend had some once and said that at one point of her trip, she had a vivid sense of what it is like to be a highway and have cars ride over you and along you. She says it was lovely. I thought it was funny but also somehow comforting.

We had coffee, blackcurrant juice and sandwiches with nettle-bread, reindeer pastrami and mustard. And I wore my new Samuji sweater. It’s made of Wool, silk and cashmere and the yarn is designed by Eisaku Noro. I love the fact that someone designs yarns for living. I think he used to be a painter before he started producing and designing yarns.

Anyway. The magic mushrooms made me think that it would be really healthy for people to experience what it feels like to be something, or someone else. I once had a dream of being an avocado. (No mushrooms involved.) It was one of my favourite dreams ever. The sense of immersing something else’s being was amazing. Very peaceful. Avocados are super chilled out. I mean literally nothing happened in the dream. I just leaned on another avocado and we just were.

Kind of like that breathing thing I just mentioned.

An avocado was perhaps not the most elevated form of being. Next time I’m aiming for a pineapple. Or Ryan Gosling’s t-shirt. (So we can hug all day). Or Beyonce’s cellphone. ( I don’t know why but I feel like she has loads of interesting shit going on I want to hear about?)