I think Audrey Hepburn said that the pretties girls are the happy ones. And it’s true. When you think of all the beautiful people you know, the prettiest ones are the kind ones, the ones that talk of beautiful things and laugh out loud a lot. 

So as an extremely shallow and looks orientated person I try to stay as happy as I possibly can. Also I have noticed that happy people are much more pleasant to be around than grumpy ones. Whining is so last season.

The point of this love letter to happiness is to explain my love for animals. I will post pictures of horses and dogs and other animal buddies here and the reason is that I think animals are good for your soul. They are for mine anyway.  Firstly they are hilarious. Secondly they are cute. And some of them are really beautiful. And I don’t want to seem like a tree hugger (I don’t know why, there’s really nothing wrong with tree huggers) so I’m just going to say that for me to hang out with other peoples pets is an investment on my face.

Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn were both massively face orientated as well and liked to help animals and hang out with them to stay hot. True story.

Audrey had a pet Bambi which in addition to her perfect eyebrows is my favourite thing about her. I don’t think Brigitte had a fawn friend but these pictures of her dancing with a goat and hanging out with a fawn are definite dream-file material.

Investing into sustaining a happy life is really about small choices. To do a few things you really like every day. To see people you like and wear clothes that feel fun, to eat well, not talk about what you hate all the time and how tired you are but to maybe sleep a little bit more and try to take your self out of the situations that create stress. (Honestly you can. There are very few things in life you have to do unless you choose to).

Grow herbs and look at things that you enjoy.   All the other things will follow. I swear happy energy attracts good things. Watch dogs (closely, at first they may just seem like pets and like there isn’t anything that funny about them) do dog things and you will see.

Audrey was sort of perfect. So let’s take her word for it.

Horse Honeys. We had a play date some time ago. These horses are like gigantic dogs.

“Hahah, omg the human looks so stupid. It’s feeding us graas like we cant just reach down and eat it our selves”

All the other horses left after I had fed them a ton of grass and carrots. I asked this one if it wanted some and it looked at me like this, like literally straight in the eyes without blinking and urinated loudly.